Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Mark Wahlberg is Nathan Drake????

Uncharted and Uncharted 2 are two of my favorite PS3 games - heck two of my favorite games overall, so when I heard about the Uncharted movie in production I thought "cool - I'd go see that".  The game was always heralded as a cinematic adventure romp anyway so it should have been an easy transition to an entertaining popcorn flick. Then I heard that they weren't going to be following the story in the game at all - well OK - the story kinda fell apart at the end in the first one anyway so maybe that's not so bad. And today I read they signed up Mark Wahlberg to play Nathan Drake.  Mark Freaking Walhberg. That is bad casting.

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Let's compare and contrast - Nathan Drake is a smart-alecky but clever and good-natured everyguy that can kick ass when he's cornered but generally would rather avoid trouble. Wahlberg is - well I was going to simply say "a douchebag" for comic effect but that's not fair since I don't know the guy, but based on my viewing of his movie roles and interviews he seems to be more of a mean, angry, slow-witted, overacting and over-REacting, punch you right in your fuckin face as soon as look at you kinda guy.

But hey he's done some good work like 'The Happening' - no wait, that was shit.  Uh - the remake of the 'Planet of the Apes' - eh that was pretty much crap too.  OH!  He played Max Payne in that video game-based movie.  So that should mean he's ready for another game role - right?  Did anyone out there see 'Max Payne'? No?  Consider yourself lucky because it was shit. I'm ashamed to say I even saw about 15 minutes of Wahlberg showing off his comedy chops with Will Farrel on 'The Other Guys' and it was as close as I have ever come to plucking out my own eyes.

Like several others out there, I was hoping for Nathan Fillion. In case you are unfamiliar with him he's the captain from the sci-fi cult TV show Firefly (and follow-up movie Serenity) and more recently the detective series Castle. If you've seen him in either of those roles and played Uncharted as well you realize right away he is perfect for the role of Drake. He's reportedly an avid gamer and even kinda looks like Drake. Hell he even lobbied for the role on Twitter!

But no - we get Marky Mark. Thanks again Hollywood...

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Fallguy40 said...

Nathan Fillion is the perfect choice for Drake. He looks like Drake, he sounds like Drake, he acts like Drake. Plus he wanted the part. He was born to play this role.

Wahlberg is just ridiculous. Who will play Elena: Beyonce?

MadPlanet said...

...and Usher as Sully