My Arcade Journal

It should come as no surprise to anyone that knows me that I really enjoy classic arcade games, particularly when I come across them in their native environment - A REAL ARCADE.  Of course arcades are much less common in 2011 than they were in the 80's, so I have to do a lot more driving to get to one, but I've still managed to find several not only in my home state of Texas but in other states as well (never been to one outside the U.S. yet).  So now that I have posted about several of them on the blog I thought I would go ahead and make a separate breakout page listing them with links to the posts. Please go visit them if you get a chance so they stay in business.

Oh, and if you know of any good arcades with old-school classic games, particularly in Texas, please let me know.  More to come!

Arcade Blast (Garrison, Texas).  10 video games, air hockey.
Arkadia Retrocade (Fayetteville, Arkansas). ~ 60 video games, air hockey, foosball, board games
Barcadia (Houston, Texas).  15 video games, skeeball, giant Jenga, giant Connect Four - CLOSED
Joystix (Houston, Texas).  Varying list of ~250 coin-op games of all shapes and sizes!
Pinballz Arcade (Austin, Texas).  77 video games, 110 pinball games, air hockey, redemption games
Retro Arcade Museum (Beacon, New York) - CLOSED
Totally Amused (Humble, Texas) - CLOSED
Walburg Restaurant (Walburg, Texas).  27 video games, air hockey, foosball

Honorable Mention to Washaterias...

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