Friday, February 15, 2013

Beercade - The Last Barfighter

I just had to share this.  I'm actually still at work but I JUST saw this over at Engadget - a game i.e. marketing ploy that combines two of the loves of my life - arcade games and beer. 

Sure I've combined them myself plenty of times the DIY way and have been to a few Barcade joints that try to do it manually with waitresses or bartenders (savages!) but this nifty tech was actually engineered by top drunk scientists from around the globe to pour the winner a tall cold one right at the cab! What? 

Admittedly the game itself looks pretty simplistic but hey string a few victories together and the game just keeps looking better and better. By the end of the evening, assuming you continue your winning ways, you will swear it is the greatest fighting game - nay the greatest video game - that you have ever played.

Apparently you have to be somewhere in the vicinity of North Carolina to try it out (damn!) since it looks like right now it is the exclusive marketing tool of the Big Boss Brewing Company of Raleigh, NC, but even if you, like me, are nowhere near there, you should at least give the video a looksee.  See ya!


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