Saturday, April 20, 2013

8-Bit Pale Ale Video Game

My friend Twiggamortis knows I'm into old video games so a while back he handed me a beer can with some 8-bit artwork on it - a copyright-friendly Pac-Man and a "Hop Rocket". It was called "8-Bit Pale Ale" from the Tallgrass Brewing Company in Manhattan, Kansas.

It was certainly a unique theme for a beer - craft beers have all sorts of crazy themes on their cans and bottles, but I'd never seen a video game beer before. I guess the Tallgrass folks must have played a good amount of NES back in the day. The can piqued my curiosity but alas was disturbingly empty, and the beer was not sold in Texas.

Well, I'm always on the lookout for local brews on my road trips and during my recent trip to Arkansas I found a 4-pack of this pale ale so I picked it up.  I thought the beer was good, but when I googled it and found this video the brewery made of the retro "8-Bit Pale Ale Video Game" I liked it even better. I thought it was cool little video and I think you'll like too.

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Mik said...

Wonderful! I'd really like to have one of these (though I'd hardly open one, as I would be afraid to ruin the can).

Anonymous said...

Haha, sorry dude...I tried to bring you back a full one but you know I can get carried away it IS only a 4-pack :)

I like the reference to one of their other beers in there, Buffalo Sweat - it's a milk stout. Its pretty good too, in fact most of their beers are solid.

I like it when the game freezes and the parrot has to blow on the game...classic NES.


MadPlanet said...

@Mik - Good to hear from you again Mik! I actually saw someone selling the empty can on eBay for like $2.99. That's more than the full one with beer cost me! I'd figure out how to send you one except I already drank all 4 of the ones I had and am now miles away from the source again. Might still have the empty though if you want that. :)

@Twiggamortis - I know exactly what you mean Twiggy. A 4-pack of good beer doesn't last long at all. Does that make the hierarchy Brews before Bros before Hos? I didn't even notice the Buffalo Sweat reference - never tried that one. It also just occurred to me that is a "Velvet Rooster" playing NES instead of just a chicken like I first thought. Clever lads at Tallgrass.