Monday, February 6, 2012

Stern's New AC/DC Pinball

Yep - another pinball post.

Pinball News has posted the first part of a two-part in-depth review of the new Stern pinball machine AC/DC - a pin I am looking forward to playing at the Texas Pinball Festival next month. And when I say in-depth I really mean in-depth. I only recently discovered these guys and I really like their pinball reviews.  In Part 1 of their reviews they typically focus on the artwork, hardware and playfield features and in Part 2 they focus on the rules, gameplay, and general thoughts/ratings. They also include lots of really nice closeup photographs and some cool details and insights. You do have to be at least a bit of a pinhead to appreciate it - but if you are so inclined check it out here:

And seeing as how I'm a guy who just loves game trailers. Well...

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PungentOnion said...

So far I'm only about halfway through the full review, but it is really cool. They are definitely pointing out little details that I would not have caught at all. This will definitely make seeing and playing it in person in Dallas next month a lot more interesting!

PungentOnion said...
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PungentOnion said...

Also, after going through a bunch of the info I see that the biggest difference between the Pro version and the next level up is the second 'Underworld' playing area. I love the second play areas in pinballs, and the idea of taking the Highway to Hell (I have to assume that's the song that will play) to the lower playfield may make the extra cost workthwhile.

MadPlanet said...

Hey Pungent. Yeah, I thought the same thing - seeing all those details will bring some extra appreciation to the first-hand play. Wonder how crowded it will be.

Oh yeah - I forgot the Premium adds the second-level playing field. I really like that feature too - wish Spidey had one but it only has an extra upper playfield flipper.

Man, it would make me feel a bit robbed if I paid over $4K for a new Pro version and didn't get the lower playfield. Would really tempt me to plop down the extra money (another $2K!!!!) for it and the animated toys too. BTW that World Poker Tour that you have the translite for has a second-level playfield too so you might want to check that one out up there too.