Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Crush the Castle!

OK - I know I lazily embed these videos from Dorkly way too often, but this one led me to try a nifty little online flash game that I'd never played before so... I gotta do it. Like I've mentioned before I'm not a portable gamer and I avoid phone games pretty much altogether, so I've never experienced (nor do I expect to ever experience) the casual gaming phenomenon known as Angry Birds. But I'm not against spending a few minutes on a free online flash game.

Like the Tiny Wings bird, I was unfamiliar with Crush the Castle so I googled it and gave it a play. Turns out it's a nice little physics-based online game wherein you control a trebuchet to sling various projectiles at castles to bring them to the ground and crush the royal subjects within. The structural integrity of some of the castles is extremely suspect and they fall easily, but some of them are quite sturdy and some of them actually require a little bit of puzzle solving as far as what area to target to bring it down. Then a map pops up and you move on to the next castle. Your projectiles upgrade after a while to multiple boulders, then larger boulders, then a bomb. There are some other features too like building your own castle etc., but like most online flash games I found it amusing for a while - long enough to destroy all the castles on the map in this case - but not interesting enough to entice me to fully explore all the features. But like I said, a fun little waste of a few minutes at work so try it out HERE.

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Fallguy40 said...

I assume you realize that this is just Angry Birds sans birds...and pigs. It looks better than AB though.

You can always play Angry Birds on the Playstation.

MadPlanet said...

Yeah I realize that - and apparently Crush the Castle predates Angry Birds which pretty much makes AB just a cutesified ripoff of Castle.

Either way Castle (and therefore presumably AB as well) is a decent little diversion for a few minutes pretty much once. I doubt I'll go back to it again. Just like with that Goblin Wars game. Flash games like that to me are OK as a brief 1-hit kind of deal while I'm sitting at my desk when I happen to discover them.

And doesn't the Angry Birds app actually cost money? I really don't know, maybe it's free - but I assumed it cost a couple of bucks.

If it's a free DL on PS3 I will download it and try it for a bit to check it off the list. But I'm sure not gonna pay any $ for it. I wouldn't pay for Castle either.

...if PSN ever gets back online that is.