Sunday, September 19, 2010

Red Dead's QC Department is Beyond Redemption

I'm still drudging along through Red Dead Redemption, but I think I am nearing the point where I will have to place it in the never-finished pile. I like it much better than its cousin GTA IV, but for me it's still just a mediocre game. As I've been playing I have noticed several glitches - a pile of crates suspended in mid-air, guys running at full speed in the road but not moving an inch, etc. So I jumped online for a quick browse of RDR bugs and what do you know there have been all kinds of crazy things that slipped by Rockstar's game testers. Or maybe they put this stuff in intentionally - I don't know, but it just looks like sloppy/glitchy programming to me. Anyway, I found videos of several of them that I found amusing so...

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Fallguy40 said...

Loved the cougarman video! That was funny. I played 40 hours of RDR and didn't find any glitches like these. I'm wondering how the same two guys managed to video so many glitches.

Makes me think they are either intentional easter eggs or these guys faked them.

Sounds like the sandbox genre is not for you. I'll skip sending you Assassin's Creed 2 next time.

MadPlanet said...

Yeah the cougarman was very funny. I saw some corroborating videos from some other guys for some of those and like I said I saw a few oddball things myself so I don't think they faked them. I think maybe the donkey woman might be an easter egg and maybe the flying people too, but the demon horse and the flying deer stuff that all just looked like screwups to me. Did you at least see some smaller things floating/flying around like I did? Maybe it's fairly random. Anyway - I thought the videos were funny. Yeah guess the sandbox genre isn't my cup of tea.

Fallguy40 said...

It seems that minor glitches are common in open world games. Maybe it's because the entire world is loaded into memory at once as opposed to more linear games like Uncharted which load one chapter at a time.

Probably the most buggy game I've played is Fallout 3. The glitches are more confined to crashes/freezes though as opposed to strange things happening.

We've all got our genres we don't like that much. I never cared for fighting games like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat.

MadPlanet said...

Odd - I don't recall noticing any glitches in Fallout 3. Now there was an open-world game that I quite enjoyed, so for now I am restricting my write-offs to Rockstar rather than the entire genre - if that can actually even be considered a genre. I think I just don't like Rockstar's take on it.

Last night I saw another buggy thing - I shot up this guy and his horse and they both fell around the same area. I went over to loot the guy's body and instead I skinned the horse - but the horse's body disappeared and it looked like I was skinning the guy. Then a few seconds after I was done the skinned horse reappeared. They get so concerned about the details and enormity of the workd that it just seems like more things fall between the cracks.

So as if Rockstar didn't have enough reason to believe that people would happily buy up their games and rate them 10s regardless of the game's content - now it seems like lazy buggy content can be considered a bonus. Like an unlockable or a trophy. I really think most of it is just due to insufficient QC testing, but hell even I'm tempted to keep playing to see what other crazy stuff happens. These guys can just write their own ticket.