Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Insane Console History Video 2.0

I just saw this video on that is kind of cool - the title says it all. It must have taken this guy a LONG time just to collect all the information and pics and sew it all together. The video shows over 450 consoles, computers, and dedicated game machines shown in chronological order with classic gaming music playing in the background. You might not sit through the whole thing straight through - it's over 23 minutes long - but I thought it was an interesting find.

The Insane Console History Video 2.0 from Elder-Geek on Vimeo.

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Fallguy40 said...

Why oh why don't the current game systems come in wood paneling?

I remember playing that Fairchild Channel F at a friend's house as a kid.

MadPlanet said...

Amen brother. Let's just face it - wood paneling is awesome. We had a couple of different Pong machines but one of my favorites was that Coleco Combat with the two-player sets of dual tank handles and fire button a la Battlezone. Eric and I played the hell out of that thing. Wish I still had it but it either broke or sold in a garage sale or something I guess.

MadPlanet said...

I've never seen a Channel F in real life. Maybe some day I'll grab one off eBay for the collection.