Monday, August 2, 2010

The Force Unleashed

I haven't posted in a couple of weeks, but I finished Star Wars: The Force Unleashed on the PS3 last night so I thought I would post my thoughts to get back in the posting swing of things. There were several technical bugs that distracted from the game but my love of the Star Wars universe made up for a lot of that. All-in-all not a great game but not bad either - I would give it a 7.4. Here are a few of my likes and gripes in a nutshell - might be a spoiler or two but c'mon you weren't gonna play this game anyway so...:

My dislikes:

  • Repetitive gameplay with no real incentive or need to learn the various attack upgrades that you acquire.
  • Too many repetitive quick-time events – used the same QTEs over and over like when you destroy those 2-legged walkers (which I discovered are called AT-STs - All Terrain Scout Transports).
  • Targeting system was often shaky - I spent a lot of extra time trying to face in exactly the proper spot to grip something while some nice gentlemen were spraying lasers into my back.
  • The screwy camera angles during the boss battles where it zoomed way out and made the already awkward targeting system even more challenging.
  • The plethora of load-screens. This game installed about 2.5 gigs on my PS3 so what’s with all the slow "now loading" screens?

My most meh moment:

  • I heard about this over-hyped scene that was supposed to bring the house down where you use the force to grip a star destroyer and bring it crashing down. I more enjoyed gripping the tie fighters that were screaming by and throwing them around. Besides, c'mon even Yoda struggled a LITTLE when he floated that X-Wing around the swamps on Dagobah and I'm supposed to believe this Sith apprentice is gonna tear a star destroyer out of the sky? Sorry but no = meh.

..and my likes:

  • You get to play as Darth Vader a little at the beginning. Evil shmevil - Vader is cool.
  • Fighting all the baddies you remember from the movies like stormtroopers, tie fighters, Imperial guards, even Darth and the Emporer. You can even stomp some Jawas if you like that sort of thing.
  • Killing baddies with the Force Lightning and gripping stormtroopers with the Force Grip and smashing them into buildings. It's the simple pleasures in life that keep me going.
  • And my number 1 "hey that's pretty cool" moment - when your android buddy Proxy, who is programmed to try and kill you, attacks you and says "I still have one enemy program in my data banks that I haven't tried yet" and then he hologram-morphs into Darth Maul and attacks you with his double-sided light-saber staff. Darth Maul was the one bright spot for me in the 3 embarrasingly lackluster Star Wars prequels.

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Fallguy40 said...

My biggest gripe with this game is the force grip targeting. Very frustrating

Also, it's strange that my lightsaber won't cut through anybody. It's more of a colorful club than a lightsaber.

I haven't gotten to the Star Destroyer part but that sounds ridiculous.

MadPlanet said...

oh good point about the lightsabers. Would have probably been more entertaining if you actually sliced through the guys' limbs a la Dead Space. But I guess then they would have had to go with the M rating.