Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Press Play on Tape

If you were ever blessed enough to own a piece of pre-1541 floppy drive Commodore technology called the datasette and had it hooked up to your C64 (I'm just assuming you had one) then you know full well that the title statement often preceeded an opportunity to go take a break and get a snack while your program slowly loaded in.

A while back I discovered the self-branded "Commodore 64 revival band" from Copenhagen called 'Press Play on Tape' when they played the theme song to the game Cannon Fodder using nothing but old game controllers hooked up to a synthesizer. I'll throw that video on here too but I just saw this video of their original song "The Man With the Gun" using their more usual conventional instruments and I thought it was cool so I wanted to share it - enjoy!

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