Sunday, April 25, 2010

Emulators: MAME - Flyers and Cabinets and Snaps oh my!

If you followed my previous MAME post you have Galaga up and running. MAMEUIFX also has several tabs on the right side of the screen that when clicked show images of a snapshot of the game in progress, the sales flyer for the game, the arcade cabinet, etc. These images are .png files (all with the same filename) that are saved to various folders in the MAME installation folder. So again using Galaga as an example, click the links below and download these image files into the associated MAME folders.

Save the Snapshot to the folder "snap"
Save the Flyer to the folder "flyers"
Save the Cabinet to the folder "cabinets"
Save the Marquee to the folder "marquees"
Save the Title to the folder "titles"
Save the Control Panel to the folder "cpanel"
Save the PCB to the folder "pcb"

You don't need these files to play the game but hey - they're cool so you really should have them. Also I recommend going to Options -> Interface Options -> and checking the box to "Stretch screenshot larger than actual size" so the images are maximized to fit the size of your window.

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Fallguy40 said...

good stuff as always. How are you liking Dead Space Extraction?

MadPlanet said...

Extraction is OK but so far I am a little disappointed. I had been really impressed with the Wii's gun tracking ability and I loved Dead Space so I had high expectations. Controls are a little clunky. But the setting is planetside right after they discover the marker so you get to play through familiar territory from a different perspective and see some new stuff - that part is cool. I'll let you know how I like it after I play it a little longer.

myemail52 said...

Yea, I'm a loser for taking so long.....but I got MAME running, loaded all the roms I had from the CD and it's working great. The down side though, is that my work laptop, the only one I use, maxed out on hard-drive space so I had to delete a bunch of roms. Bummer! Still need to find the one for Major Havoc and Gyrus!