Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Eat it Zeus!

Well I've been trying to put a giant sword through Zeus' gut for two games now and last night I finally sealed the deal to complete God of War III and finish off the trilogy. I won't bore you with my review details here (that's what my boring review page is for) but suffice to say that I am rating the game a 9.9 which for me puts it in a tie with Uncharted 2 for my all-time favorite PS3 game. One thing did annoy me though - you spend all this time gathering these treasures of the gods like Hephaestus' ring, Aphrodite's garter, etc. which are supposed to give you special powers if you replay the game. I beat it on Titan difficuty to unlock Chaos difficulty (the hardest) and still had several trophies that I didn't get the first time so I was going to give Chaos a shot, but then I read that using any of the treasures of the gods permanently deactivates trophies for that playthrough - what the hell?

The developers included these trinkets to provide some replay value by adding some new features. And basically that is what the trophies are for too - to provide some additional incentive to play the game. So why in Hades would they make them mutually exclusive? Well screw that noise. In fact screw 9.9 - as I'm typing this up I have pissed myself off enough that I'm dropping GOWIII to a 9.8. Which lets U2 keep the vaunted title of MadPlanet's favorite PS3 game. Oh heads are going to roll at Sony over that believe you me. Still - the game did kick ass.

On another note - now that Kratos is out of the gaming business what's he going to do with himself? G4 had the answer with this vid (just pretend like it's Valentine's Day to make it seem a little more current...)

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Fallguy40 said...

Watch out spoiler!!! Now I know that Zeus gets it. Great. I might as well stop playing.

MadPlanet said...

I meant to say - they hashed out their grievances over a shared baklava and are now BFFs. I was pretty sure you saw that one coming so I didn't sweat the spoiler - who the heck DIDN'T that guy kill? Except Aphrodite of course. oh yeah...

Fallguy40 said...

Love the Kratos video btw.