Sunday, January 23, 2011

Goblin War Machine

I just discovered (thanks to a review on Botchweed) the Goblin War Machine - a free flash game from indie developer Big Block Games.  The grayscale 2D graphics and physics-based destruction gameplay reminded me of Limbo which I rather enjoyed and of course I've recently been in "destroy everything in sight with a wry smile" mode from playing Pain, so I checked it out.

In Big Block's own words: "Smash! Crash! Drive, destroy! The Goblin Horde is on the rampage. Outfit your War Machine for maximum devastation, and plow straight through the nearest human village. Just don't expect those pesky humans to take it lying down..."

You start off the game with the standard war machine but for every villager you crush, shoot, or otherwise dispatch, you get a skull and after you complete each level you can use the skulls as currency to purchase and install upgrades to your war machine to further maximize your killing efficiency. And although it is ridicuously easy to cruise through these levels I can confirm that if you waste too much time hanging around the little villagers can indeed destroy you. And at the end of each level a darkly humorous little narrative pops up to let you know how many villagers were left alive i.e. how well you performed. The game features achievements, unlockable levels as you go along, and progress saves online.

Like most online flash games that I've seen the game is EXTREMELY simple so it is easy to pull up and play online for a few minutes of mindless fun. Won't be something you'll play for hours - but I wouldn't expect a free flash game to be in that category. I enjoyed it for what it is. And did I mention it is 100% free??  How can you complain with a price tag like that? Check it out on Big Block Games' website.

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